Sudio Pop-up Store
Sudio's first ever pop-up store at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia was a fun project involving the overall store layout planning, graphic design and POS design. It is expected to generate revenue while also strengthening the company's brand positioning.

Customer Footflow

The goal of the first phase of the project was to establish how to best present products to look as presentable as possible. Below are initial sketches for how the products are to be displayed and how fixtures can be built – where and how.

3D Visualization

Using 3D sketches, we could identify eventual problems at an early stage. The sketches also help present the idea to builders and decision makers. Communication is always well presented and prevents misunderstandings about design.

Product Turntable

A product POS was made to present the newest products from Sudio. The turntable is designed to follow Sudio’s Scandinavian style – simple and elegant.

The Result

Rolling Video

A video loop of products played on the window screens.