Sudio Product Packaging
As part of the Sudio R&D team, we developed a better packaging system for Sudio's True Wireless Speaker line. The packaging is improved for better economy and less environmental impact.


The goal of the redesign project is to create a new packaging system that saves shipping costs, more environmental-friendly and has a streamlined designed process.

In summary:

  • Less plastic
  • Easy design process
  • Smaller dimensions


Early in the process, we sketched out different types of solutions on how to protect the product and all other accessories that will fit inside the packaging. We prototyped and tested the solutions and chose the best design that had the best usabilityand unboxing experience.


The packaging is designed to have three main parts to maintain simplicity and to keep a high-end unboxing experience:


      • Product holder
      • Inner box
      • Sleeve

The shape and dimensions of the packaging is set to a standard that will fit upcoming models and their accessories. 

The product holder is the innermost module. It holds the product in place and prevents it from moving during logistics. It has a pit around the product for easy removal.

The innerbox holds the product holder and all accessories. It has acover which holds down the product and it further prevents movement during travel.

The Sleeve is the outermost layer that shows the product on displays.

Final Design

With the new packaging, we save hundreds of tons of plastic for a model’s projected sales quantity. The whole packaging is now biodegradable.

With the new design, old and new products will look assymetrical or not seem brand-aligned. This will be diminished over time when older products phase out and only new products with the new packaging are being displayed.