Camptrac – Access & Payment
CampTrac is an Access and Payment System that allows Visitors to use the same RFID media for locking and unlocking access points and paying for products within an establishment.

Product & Graphic Design

Camptrac Catalogue

The CampTrac product catalogue is aimed towards camping  sites, RV parks, harbours and resorts. I helped update the product catalogue into a more profitable resource and help build the brand with a more modern look and better tonality.

Increased profitability – by changing the format and design elements, we made the CampTrac catalogue easier and cheaper to produce, able to reach more potential clients.

Modern look – the goal is to attract new clients with an updated design while keeping recognizability among existing ones.

Better readability –by using good typhography and combining images and icons, the catalogue is easier to read and understand which helps clients better understand unique product selling points that turn into sale conversions.



Camptrac Exhibitions