Quality suspension for professionals and market leading manufacturers.

Driving Freedom

Get the most enjoyable driving experience between comfort and dynamic settings.

Full Control

Feel in control with great response and feedback on every turn and every bump on whatever terrain you are driving.

Fully Automated

Monroe® Intelligent Suspension analyses the way you drive and adapts automatically according to driving conditions giving the most comfortable ride.

Safe Manoeuvers

Monroe® Intelligent Suspensions help the vehicle keep optimal balance giving you a secure experience during turns and bumps.

Driving Modes

Have the ability to choose between a relaxing urban cruise or make the most of your off-road driving experience.

Race Performace

Have a race car experience with the race performance driving mode.

Chosen by quality-driven manufacturers

Senses, analyses and adapts

– for a superior driving experience.

Our electronic and hydraulic technology adapts to changes in road surface continuously which gives a comfortable and pleasant drive.

With multiple damper settings, Monroe® Intelligent Suspension configures the most suitable setting according to the situation – whether if it is full control and handling or maximising vehicle performance.

Ready for the road ahead.


'Driving What is Next' Event - Gliwice, Poland.

Team members in Gliwice, Poland experienced a similar event to the one held in Belgium, showcasing Monroe Intelligent Suspension’s ‘Driving What is Next’.

The event, included an update on the AST strategies, an introduction to the refreshed MIS logo and the ‘Driving What is Next’ branding campaign.

International adventure driver Rainer Zietlow, who set a Guinness World Record for highest altitude achieved in an electric vehicle, also joined the event, sharing details of his record-

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Unveiling Monroe Intelligent Suspension product portfolio was at employee celebration event in St. Truiden, Belgium.

An exciting new future for the Monroe Intelligent Suspension product portfolio was unveiled at an employee celebration event in St. Truiden, Belgium.

As an integral part of the Advanced Suspension Technologies business group, MIS will be a significant contributor in the OEM 4-wheel suspension category and, to help reach its target potential, the brand is receiving a complete refresh.

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World record-setting climb equipped with Monroe Intelligent Suspension® CVSAewith Rainer Zietlow.

On May 18, Zietlow piloted the all-wheel-drive ID.4 up an unpaved mine road to reach an elevation of 5,816 meters (19,081 feet), establishing the Guinness World Records title for the highest altitude achieved in an all-electric passenger vehicle. Uturuncu is a dormant volcano located in the Sur Lípez province of Bolivia.

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