My name is malco.

I’m a designer. 


I create


Creative designer and maker.

I am a design nerd who loves turning time-consuming tasks into profitable workflows.
I would describe myself as technical and meticulous.

My mantra is “Design with Purpose.”.
If something in the design doesn’t have a purpose,it probably shouldn’t be there.

As Dieter Rams said:
“Good design is as little as possible. Less, but better, because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.”

What I love most being a designer is being able to create things which make me feel like I have superpowers. It’s awesome to be able to turn ideas into reality; wheteher it’s tactile or digital.



Marshall Group | Stockholm, Sweden

2022 nov –
Marshall Group (formerly Zound Industries) is the company behind Marshall headphones, Urbanears and Adidas headphones.

Work areas include:
Packaging artwork that includes all print-ready assets such as Quick start guides, Legal and Safety booklets, Stickers and Packaging.
Product graphics for compliance markings, labels or other markings.
Online artwork for digital use; Online manuals, PDF and Illustrations.
3D visuals of packaging and concepts.
2D & Technical Illustrations that help users understand functions and features. 
Print control of all printed packaging assets with focus on quality and sustainability; sampling and coordination with suppliers and partners.

Sudio / Orangesky | Stockholm, Sweden

2020 aug – 2022 apr
Sudio is an audio technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Work areas include:
Digital artwork for website, social media, presentations and other platforms.
Printed artwork for retail stores, packaging and other marketing purposes.
Design and development of audio products, packaging, exhibitions, retail stores and point of sale.

Partnersec | Stockholm, Sweden

2018 aug – 2020 mar
Partnersec is a security company that offers Access, Payment and Visitor systems.

Work areas include:
UI Design for visitor systems.
Digital artwork for website, social media, presentations, newsletters and other platforms.
Printed artwork for catalogues, packaging and other marketing purposes.
Design and production of security products (laser engraving/plastic card printing) , exhibitions,  user interfaces for screens.
CRM and website management – web shop, news pages, newsletters.

Work with clients such as Klarna, Geely, Stockholms Stad, Cloetta, Elfa, NCC, PEAB.

Affärstryckeriet| Norrtälje, Sweden

2017 aug – 2018 aug
Affärstryckeriet is a print shop that offers layout and printing services.

Machine operator for paper cutting, folding, creasing, binding, punching.
Chief of Fire Prevention – making sure the building does not burn down, inspects fire fighting equipment and makes sure emergency exits are accessible.
Special design production – big prints, posters, roll-ups, folders, book binds,notebooks, stickers.
Packaging and logistics – deliveries and warehouse management.

Work with clients such as Sony, Norrtälje Kommun, Sony, The Shirt Factory, Svenska Kyrkan

Freelance | International

Since 2015
Freelance work under design agencies and independent design consultancy for all types of companies.

Industrial & Product design – product development, 3D modelling and image production, prototyping, 3D printing, digital products.
Graphic & Web design – artworks for print and digital use. WordPress sites, newsletters, google, social media.
Brand identity design – logos, icons, illustrations, presentations and other marketing materials.

Work with clients such as Segers, Fasticon, Barefoot, Gagnefs Golf,

Tools & Skills

Adobe – Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects, XD, Acrobat
3D – Rhino, Blender, Keyshot, Cura, 3D printing
Web – Figma, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Divi, Mailchimp
Presentation – Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides
Office – Microsoft Word, Excel, Google sheets, Docs, Pages
Other – Good ol’ pen and paper sketching, prototyping, user testing