Hello 12id!

This is a compilation page of work that I think could be relevant to my application as graphic designer. I decided to write in English so that non-swedish speakers in the company can easily take part in assessing my skills.

My design principle is “Design with purpose.”
It results with clean compositions and easy to comprehend communication. Having no clutter and distractions makes the intended message clearer for the audience.

Most relevant position


PartnerSec is a company within the security sector. My role was basically graphic/web designer that included marketing responsibilities such as newsletters, catalogue mailing, expos and client contact regarding cutomized products.

Images & Illustrations

Products from PartnerSec are usually very technical. A big part of my job was to make sure customers understand what is being offered. Customers vary from being very familiar with the technologies and there are those who have no clue at all.

The images and icons below are used for marketing purposes and are used as tools for easily explaining functionalities and USPs. 

Sudio Basic presentation

A simple presentation for U.S company Target of upcoming Sudio products and planned collaborations.

Sudio powerpoint presentation template

This is a tool for Sudio that ncludes the Sudio product catalogue and customizeable template pages for a quick and easy presentation creation.

Watch the video to see how it works or download the file to try it out for yourself.

product explainer video

At Sudio, I made explainer videos for products of using a combination of 3D and 2D animation. This helps lessen customer support tickets and help users understand the product functions better.

other projects

Kids’ Clothing Mockups

Kids’ Clothing Mockups

PartnerSec App

PartnerSec App

Sudio Product Packaging

Sudio Product Packaging